Unique Among Vacation Home Rentals - Blue Hill Maine Peninsula in Downeast


Kingdom Road Farm is located on the Blue Hill Maine Peninsula, a popular corner of Downeast Maine.  Visitors, summer residents and year-rounders all enjoy the many aspects of the area that make it special to people from all walks of life.  Recreation includes salt and fresh water activities walking trails, hiking, theatre, musical performances, off-shore tours, boating and sailing, and much more.  There are many galleries, unique shopping, and community events in the small towns on the Peninsula.

For "foodies", in addition to plentiful and reasonably-priced seafood, there is also a substantial farm-to-table movement here.  A number of farmers markets dot the area, and many restaurants (from corner fish shacks to pubs and fine dining establishments) focus on bringing the cornucopia of delights from local farms to the fore.

The farm is only an hour away from larger towns such as Belfast and Bangor - the latter of which has an international airport for people travelling from afar.  Other notable towns are even closer, like the historic fort town of Castine (home to the Maine Maritime Academy), Deer Isle, and the coastal fishing and lobstering capitol Stonington.  Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are just a short hour away.  Despite its proximity to these places, there are no major highways on the Peninsula, and there is virtually no sky traffic overhead. The area is virtually free from noise pollution making it a rather unique lodging experience.  Enjoy!!